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 HAPPY SCHOOL Creating A Happy and Happening School

Attending school should not be a chore for a child but it should be a place where he/she loves to go every day. Schools have a major role to play in augmenting the happiness index of our future citizens after all, happiness is the meaning and purpose of life, the whole aim of human existence. Satyakaam International School offers just the right blend of quality education while ensuring holistic development of the students. The school makes mighty efforts to cultivate a conducive environment that maximizes both development and delight among students through child-centred curriculum and activities, progressive and positive teacher attitudes and attributes, stress free learning milieu, fosters friendships and relationships among school community, cross-cultural events, observes a 'no bag day' once a month and above all, values every child. All the abovesaid attributes of the school proudly makes Satyakaam to be the "HAPPY SCHOOL".

Education for Life

Explore Programs and Experiences

International Dimensions

  • Conventional Cuisines of the World

    • Enhancing Analytical Skills
    • Developing Vocational Skill through Basic Techniques
    • Intensifying Creative Skills
    • Inculcating Traditional Values
  • Festivals! Revoking Conventional boundaries

    • Enhancing Vocabulary
    • Amplifying Communication Skills
    • Enriching Collaborations
    • Exalting Critical Thinking
    • Strengthening Observational Skills
  • Life Long learning: Journey of Joy

    • Strengthens Creativity
    • Magnifying Confidence
    • Facilitating Social Relationship
  • Game of Thrones

    • Enhancing Student's Lateral
    • Upgrading Creativity
    • Elevating Critical and Analytical Thinking
  • Tourism: A Treasure Trove of Travel Tales

    • Augmenting Communicative and Collaborative Skills
    • Inculcating Cultural Competency
    • Evolving Planning Expertise
  • The Sporting Spirit: A Saga of Success

    • Open to Challenges
    • Dispensing Leadership Characteristics
    • Sense of Mastery and Control
    • Invigorating Commitment of Endurance








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