Best cbse School in Meerut

Satyakaam Educational Trust has been set up as part of social responsibility by a group of like minded Entrepreneurs and Educationists with the Philanthropic purpose of providing quality Global Education with strong Indian values. Trustee’s belief is that Education is the most powerful instrument of human empowerment. The Trust has, therefore, established Satyakaam International School to contribute to human enrichment through Quality Education . Looking at India’s prospects of becoming a Superpower and Vibrant knowledge Society in the near future,the biggest need of the time is to make quality education available to each and every aspiring child of the society irrespective of the fact whether he comes from rich or a poor parentage. The Word ‘ Satyakaam ‘ embodies this ideal of the trustees. We all know that the great Indian Scholar and Saint “Satyakaam” rose to the highest pinnacle of scholarship &erudition overcoming various constraints which he faced as a son of a poor slave woman.

“Change is the only Constant” is also evident in education. Education with its curriculum and methodology, has evolved to better pathways of educating the young delicate saplings to strong rooted trees.

Satykaam International School, is amongst the international schools in Meerut providing an education beyond excellence with its modern techniques and state of the art infrastructure as well as adopted teaching methodologies where learning is fun and experiential.

An academy that provides a holistic approach to the mental and physical growth of the students, the best English Medium Sr. Secondary School in Meerut with experienced and empathetic teachers as well as mentors and counsellors.

At Satyakaam International School is a top school as we believe each child is special and has something special which we identify and hone the child with better skills to perform in all walks of life and thus even the difficult curriculum becomes interesting to score better and achieve high. This phenomenon makes us a Happy School, a school where students love to be and are loved.

Satykaam International School, today , is the best school in Meerut and also Meerut’s top school, is today amongst the top ten  school choices of parents as well as students as we are not only the best CBSE school in Meerut but also the best school following the CBSE curriculum  in educating the students with morals and making them humane. Syllabus of CBSE in schools is followed but beyond the syllabus Art of Living sessions are one of the many initiatives for sound physical and mental health of students making it a good school.The location in the quietness has made us top CBSE Board School in Meerut.