It gives me immense pleasure again to come and interact with you through the school prospectus. Satyakaam International School has made progress in almost all fields in leaps and bounds. We are dedicated to give 100 percent result in whatever we do.

I think, therefore I am. Our first priority is to make a student excel in academics. We believe that academia is the core on which an empire is built. With excellent faculty and staff, we had and will be achieving phenomenal results. We are committed to remove all the bottlenecks which come in the way of a child’s success.

Importance is also given to the overall development of a child. We are of the firm opinion that a great leader should be well versed in all the things. That is the reason we have extra-curricular activities, sports & games, and physical fitness programmes. Student’s achievement in these fields has been commendable.

In the end I reiterate the motto and the philosophy of Satyakaam to make every student qualified and a better human being so that he/she can contribute to the society.

Warm Regards.