The school provides the latest and the most up-to-date syllabus available for the students in the modern times. Utmost care is taken in choosing and applying the course in our school. In the Kinder-Garden classes tiny-tots are taught by various tools so as to make them comprehend the lessons in the easiest of the ways. We have designed the curricula is such a way that the teacher is able to pay equal attention to all. From KG to class VIII, school has taken care in choosing the study material which will not only nurture the students academically, but will also hone up their life skills. In the senior classes, school follows the syllabus prescribed by the CBSE board, which in itself is covering all the topics. School has yet taken attention of the fact that senior student should be prepared to undertake any competition which will help them in pursuing whatever career they want. In this endeavor of ours we have tied-up with various institutes which impart training for competition level examinations. We are striving to become an institution wherein the students do not require any tuition. We encourage and advocate the thought that the parents and students should get remedy to all the academic-related questions within the school premises rather than venturing outside.