The school follows the scheme of studies as prescribed in National Curriculum Frame Work-2005 by the National Council of Education Research & Training (NCERT) and adopted by Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) New Delhi.

The scheme of studies from pre-primary to class XI is as under :

Curriculum framework for Nur., KG & Sr. KG
The curriculum for Pre-Primary classes has been visualized as a comprehensive program of following activities leading to Holistic growth of children.

  • Physical training including simple exercise, dance and eurhythmics.
  • Manual activities and play like gardening, simple chores and participation in simple community
  • Sensorial education using natural objects and specially constructed apparatus.
  • Hand work and artistic activities involving the use of finger skills and tools; and activities like drawing, painting, singing, music and dancing.
  • Learning activities including language, personal hygiene and he self service in the use of servants and adult helpers.