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Nowadays, everyone knows that a school improves confidence and teaches to establish and uphold companionship, and adds all of you to learn how to work together as a team, which is the main principle of any triumphant culture. Without school, understanding would not increase as quickly, and your limits to new dreams and people could easily be cut off. In order to help the kids & youths of Meerut city to be accomplished in their life, we at Satyakaam International School welcomes with open arms of education. The growth of our students within some practical ways that’s what we want to achieve instead of awards.

We share access to new ideas, including science and language

As you may know that a school serves a number of purposes from building self-assurance to teaching kids, the meaning of teamwork and working with others. Our school help or guide youngsters through the concern of a daily schedule, which is of supreme importance as we direct them in the direction of the workplace, and as they become creative members of civilization. Because of these points, we are establishing ourselves as the best school in meerut right now.

Quality Global Education with Strong Indian Values

Meanwhile, when you want to meet our school, it would be a great thing for you when you exactly know about our education culture. We promise you to deliver the quality of global education which will be filled with true Indian values. Your search of International Public School in Meerut can again bring you back to our homepage.

  • The best place for your children to grow up with Indian culture & touch
    • Extra circular activities
    • Simple ways to make students aware of friendships, work strategies, and career goals.
    • A wealth of acquaintance and information

These points can actually show you that how we are trying to keep the things simple for our students. For further information and information about our school, either you can browse our official website or you can meet us locally.

We have the aim of building future leaders

Our Satyakaam Educational Trust has been set up as part of social accountability by a group of compatible marketers and professionals with the humanitarian intention of providing quality worldwide learning with well-built Indian principles or morals. Thus, you can understand that we simply have a clear and keen idea of building future leaders. You may love to find good schools in meerut but none of the schools can offer that much in terms of quality education.

Student scholarship programs

For offering better support and help all of our students, you can take the best scholarship programs or join them to make sure that you feel like Happy schools in meerut now. Because of such amazing and student building programs, we are among the top 10 schools in meerut from the recent past years. If you still have some doubts in your mind then come on and have a meet with us now.

Acquire meaningful education in the best cbse schools in Meerut

To be truly honest with you, a school, or even an online school, can be an outstanding way to assemble a network of friends and an of one mind group of people. There are thousands of things available that can make a school home of hopes, dreams and lifetime accomplishments. In order to impart the quality of global education, we at the [Satyakaam International School][1] want to deliver the finest educational services at some a decent service price. From the teachers to the other staff members, all of our professionals are highly qualified and they will always try to put their best for the satisfaction of students.

Why you should go for Satyakaam?

Regardless of the educational services that we are offering, we would also like to tell you that we also conduct a lot of cultural & educational programs to enhance the hidden talent and skills of our student. What best cbse schools in Meerut actually provide? We can’t say much about others but we can become the best because of the following reasons:

  • Moral values and strong Indian values will be imparted through excessive educational ways

    • Our beyond academics efforts and services are always helpful for students

    • The teaching fee is not much and because of amenities & services, you will understand that Satyakaam is the best.

    • Classroom discussion and doubt clear classes would be available for students

Because of these points, you can make yourself more assurance that your search of senior secondary schools in meerut has brought you on the finest and most reliable page or result.

Our values & educational goals

At the moment, when your brood is just growing up, it is your duty now to take him or her towards to the things that can make them more mature. This is one of the best things that we want to offer to all of our students. We also want to offer some great opportunities to students for showing their guts and talents. We can become the best english medium school in meerut because of this reason also.

Contact us now

In the end, after discussing a lot of things regarding our school, you would be looking to collect some useful information about our contact links. Your search of top 10 cbse schools in meerut can bring you with us or you can make a call to us right now.

Teaching clean up to kids is as important as any other activity

“Cleanliness and order are not matters of instincts; they are matters of education and like most great things, you must cultivate a taste for them.” Who teaches children the habits of cleanliness and neatness? If you answered only parents, then you are partially right. Because it is not just parents who cultivate these habits cleanliness and neatness in their children. But the surrounding atmosphere also matters most.
Cleanliness is very important for keeping most of the diseases at bay. Therefore, it is essential to inculcate hygienic habits as well as awareness in children right from early childhood. As it has direct connection to the child’s own health and hygiene. Besides, cleanliness creates good impression on others too. Recently the spread of many flu reminded us how important it is to keep ourselves clean especially our hands or our surroundings. Lets learn how can we cultivate habits of cleanliness and neatness in our generation/tiny tots/ our kids.

  • By demonstrating through poster that illustrate habits like washing hands, brushing teeth, keeping the surrounding clean. We could make a structured list of dos and don’t in the classroom as well as at home.

  • The another step to cleanliness is personal hygiene. This will start very early because if you have kept your child clean from the time he was an infant, he will automatically develop this habit. However, you can teach him to wash hands before meals, brush teeth regularly, have a nice bath and wear clean clothes.

  • Besides personal hygiene, you can teach him to keep his surroundings clean. Start from his room. Make sure he keeps everything in place, his books and toys arranged from a very early age. Make him habitual of setting his bed neatly or picking up in the morning and this should be the first thing that he does on his own.

  • Once he has learned and developed the habit of personal hygiene and keeping his room clean, now it is the time to make him aware keeping his bathroom clean. You can teach him how to use the bathroom, flush every time he uses it, turns off the tap after use and keeps the soaps and brush at assigned places. Do not assume that it is a very early age and children are not in a position to maintain cleanliness all around. If you want your child to learn cleanliness and stay disciplined in life, you should make him learn these things as early as possible.

Teach him how to eat neatly. Let him experiment with some food because initially children will spill food and drinks. They will learn to eat and drink properly if you pay attention that the spilling gets reduced gradually. Teach him good table manners. Teach him to eat with spoon neatly and also serve others properly. Cultivate the habit of leaving the plate in the kitchen sink after finishing their food. Make sure they gargle after every meal so that the food particles in the mouth get washed away.

  • We live in society and we need to keep the surrounding of our homes clean. For this you will have to implement before you teach. Keep in mind that children follow their parents and if he sees you taking care of cleanliness around your house, he will certainly consider and develop this habit.

  • Try to become their role model. Always bear in mind that building up a habit in your child will take time. Revise everything on regular basis. If you take care of revising the daily chores daily, it will get implanted in his personality. Rewards may also work well but that should not form a habit.

  • Cleanliness should be initiated at home, school, college, society, community, office, organization and country level to bring a clean India revolution. We need to clean ourselves home, surrounding areas, society, community, city, garden and environment on daily basis. We should make our kids aware too about the importance and necessity of cleanliness and must try to apply it in our daily lives. Cleanliness among students in the schools are promoted through many activities like cleaning of school campus, classrooms, labs poster making on the cleanliness, waste segregation, essay writing, painting on cleanliness, poems recitations, group discussion, documentary videos etc.

  • Here are some benefits of cleanliness around you which make your life more attractive and civilized.

  1. Cleanliness prevent us from diseases.
  2. Mosquitoes don’t stay in cleanliness.
  3. In a clean surrounding, we get fresh and germ free atmosphere.
  4. People are more likely to live in cleanliness.
  5. It can reduce cost of maintenance.
  6. It will increase the amount of beauty in our surroundings.
  7. Cleanliness keeps germs away.
  8. Cleaning offers a sense of satisfaction, but may go

further by protecting your mental health as well. Teach cleanliness to your child effortlessly-Teach right, teach stow, Be patient, Give treats, Make yourselves an example to follow, Encourage participation, Monitor and make changes.

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10 Things that a teacher should know about your child

“It’s the little conversations that build the relationships and make on impact on each student.” Teachers hold the highest position for students, hence developing a positive student teacher relationship is an important step towards successful academic career of the student. The start of a new school year is the best time to communicate with your child’s teacher. Following are the key things that a teacher should know about your child:-

1) Family Background:

First important step that the teacher should be aware of is regarding the background of the family or if the family going through a major change such as a move, divorce, financial issues, or any recent detail as this could affect child’s behavior and performance in class.

2) Religion:

If your family practices a religion that requires your child to miss school, dress certain way or not to eat particular foods, make sure that a teacher should be informed.

3) Medical Issues:

If your child is suffering from any health conditions such as diabetes, use of inhaler, any allergies or any another serious health conditions that the teacher should know.

4) Personality Traits or behavior Issues:

A teacher should be aware regarding the personality traits of the child such as whether your child is self-conscious, whether the child is shy or stutters, if he/she is afraid of something. All such points will be of help to the teacher while managing the student in the class.

5) Strengths and weaknesses:

Teacher should be aware regarding the strong academic portions of your child and the subjects in which he/she requires special attention, such analysis would beneficial for the teacher to improve child’s weaknesses which would upgrade his/her future results.

6) Gadgets usage:

Usage of mobile phones and any other technical gadgets used by your child at home or if he is an addictive of.

7) Learning Style:

Teacher should know the learning style of your child such as hands-on-activity approach, listening to explanation approach. Such information would help the teacher to enhance the ability skills of child.

8) Eating Habits:

A healthy mind resides in a health body, hence the teacher should be aware regarding the eating habits of your child. For example – His/Her preference for home cooked food or junk food, favorite vegetable, pulses, fruits. Such an information helps the teacher to inculcate healthy eating habits in your child.

9) Study habits:

Information such as – Does your child spends more time doing his mathematics homework Does your child grades suffer because he/she spends too much time in praying. Such information can be utilized by the teacher to make homework time go more smoothly.

10) Special interests:

Knowing about your child’s keen and passionate interest regarding a subject or a hobby like dancing, games, sports is an important information for your child’s teacher for his/her overall personality development.

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Welcome to Satyakaam International School

Welcome to Satyakaam International School

Satyakaam Educational Trust has been set up as part of social responsibility by a group of like minded Entrepreneurs and Educationists with the Philanthropic purpose of providing quality Global Education with strong Indian values. Trustee’s belief is that Education is the most powerful instrument of human empowerment. The Trust has, therefore, established Satyakaam International School to contribute to human enrichment through Quality Education . Looking at India’s prospects of becoming a Superpower and Vibrant knowledge Society in the near future,the biggest need of the time is to make quality education available to each and every aspiring child of the society irrespective of the fact whether he comes from rich or a poor parentage. The Word ‘ Satyakaam ‘ embodies this ideal of the trustees. We all know that the great Indian Scholar and Saint “Satyakaam” rose to the highest pinnacle of scholarship &erudition overcoming various constraints which he faced as a son of a poor slave woman.