Our Educational Beliefs

“Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.”
- John Dewey

Educational Beliefs of Satyakaam International School
  • We believe that all students are learners.
  • We believe that our first priority is satisfying students’ educational needs while nurturing moral character.
  • We believe that each child is unique and learns in different ways and requires varying amounts of time and support.
  • We believe that in order to be effective, the curriculum must be aligned from Pre-K to class 12.
  • We believe that our instruction must be based in research and on best knowledge.
  • We believe that a risk-free environment must be provided for students and staff.
  • We believe that increased performance results from high expectations of students, staff, parents, and community.
  • We believe that in order for excellence in education to occur, there must be ongoing involvement and dialogue among students, staff, parents, and community.

The regular 'Yajnas' conducted amidst the pious surroundings of the school premises not only pacify and calm the commotion surging in the hearts of the pupils, but also bequeaths the forgotten treasure of rich cultural legacy and traditions upon the foundation stones of future through soulful vedic incantations, and hymns. The 'Yajana' time brings and ties all the members of school together at one platform through the bonds of brotherhood and communal harmony.

School Band - Visfotux
Music not only provide the soothing outlets for the ailing souls, but have also emerged as the lucrative career options as choreographers, vocalists, composers etc. Satyakaam International School owns dedicated music and dance department equipped with all the latest gadgets, managed by the experts of their respective genres. Satyakaam is the one of a kind apostle of holistic learning with 'Visfotux'- the in-house band of students spearheaded by their maestro mentors. Students showcase their ethereal aesthetic sense through these arenas from time to time, as performance is the physical expression of music, which occurs when a song is sung and when keyboard, electric guitar melody, symphony, drum beat and other musical part is played by the students.

Satyakaam - Ek Vishwaas
Self-Confidence is the first requisite to great undertakings transcending beyond the contours of classroom pedagogy. The school under the banner of Satyakaam - Ek Vishwaas engenders every conscious effort to make education value based and holistic with a complete cynosure on all-round development of the pupil. With the objective to disseminate the traits of altruism and to sensitize the young minds towards humanitarian concerns, the school conducts visits to old age homes and orphanages as well as prepares presentations against social evils prevalent in the society, for mass awareness. The students are stimulated to generate love for flora and fauna by being an intrinsic part of Tree Plantation and Cleanliness Drives conducted in the city through NGOs like the Art of Living foundation, Pahal Ek Prayas, Hear the silence and visits to wild life sanctuaries. The school management also contributes wholeheartedly in supporting eco-friendly campaigns like 'No Plastic', through ventures like distribution of jute bags.

Health and Medication
The substratum of success in life lies in the sound health of the students and to ensure the same, the school maintains a state-of-the-art and well-equipped infirmary headed by a veteran medical practitioner. Besides, numerous health camps and dental check-ups are organized in the school on a regular basis. The school also maintains a medical collaboration with Lok Priya hospital to further ensure extensive medical service and timely action in case of any unforeseen occurrence during school hours.

Self Defence Classes
Generating confidence & fitness is the requirement in today's world. At Satyakaam International School this requirement is fulfilled by teaching various self-defence techniques to the students like taekwondo, judo and karate etc. by the avid SAI qualified coaches. Students learn to combat all the odds in their lives and internalize resplendent virtues such as discipline, endurance and agility.