Science Lab
“Science isn't about why……
It's about why not?”
At Satyakaam, we have well-equipped Science laboratories with separate Biology, Physics and Chemistry Labs which allows its students to utilize the data gathered from the books, as well as from the material world for developing pragmatic logic and rationale knowledge. Students are made to use the various tools and experiments with different techniques to improve their overall science literacy.

Activity Lab
The Nursery and K.G lab helps to polish the psychomotor Skills, thereby enhancing the cognition of a student and preparing them for the next class. Satyakaam believes to provide full exposure to the little ones for their overall development.

Dance / Music lab
"There are shortcuts to Happiness and Dancing is one of them”.
Dance and Music is one of the most powerful forms of human expression and therefore, it is a powerful means of communication. The school has a wonderful dance lab for the students and regular classes are organised to make students understand their hidden talent and worth.

In the wake of myriad health issues among young children, it is incumbent upon the school authorities to concern themselves with the eating habits of the next generation. To clinch sound health of the pupils the school provides the facility of Vendiman-a smart and automated vending solution that provides healthy and fresh food items through a prepaid smart card.

Our school Auditorium is the heart of the school where all the activities, seminars and school functions are organised with a seating capacity of approx. 300 persons. It is well fitted with various instruments related to video and audio depiction.

K.G Wing
"The Nascent Buds" (Kindergarten Wing of Satyakaam International School) has a beautiful and colourful infrastructure solely dedicated to it. Colourful swings, slides, toys, furnitures make the environment cheerful and peppy. Therefore, providing our little kids an apt environment where they comfortably grow and learn. Also, we have a playground solely dedicated to the little ones of K.G wing where they can play safely.