satyakaam ek vishwas

In the past few years our school has carved out a niche for itself. It has allowed students, teachers and support staff to learn fresh novel and original ideas which they have inculcated in their live. It has given wings to the zeal & hardwork of all and sundry. People associated with the institute have felt privileged to be part of it. The ‘Vishwas’ and the bond has grown stronger day by day. Satyakaam-ek vishwas is a union of Teachers, students & parents. It has teachers & students as members who perform various activities based on social issues in school as well as outside which strengthen Vishwas of parents in Satyakaam. We try to maintain trust of parents who admit their ward in our school by developing values confidence, spoken skills of their child. We focus on both curricular & co-curricular activities to give holistic growth to the child.


To honour Central Government’s order to ban plastic in daily use, the students of Satyakaam International School takes initiative of making jute bags through its social platform: SATYAKAAM Ek-VISHWAS and also distribute these bags to the various sectors of the society.
Students of the school has distributed these jute bags with a message to use them instead of using plastic bags. The motive of this mission of SATYAKAAM Ek-VISHWAS is to sensitise the society to save the environment at every cost.


Grow… Eat.. COMPOST… Repeat…..
School composting project provides an opportunity for the students to take responsibility for the solid waste stream at school. It empowers students by giving them specific actions to help their community and the environment.
Composting provides opportunities for hands-on curriculum connections and interdisciplinary learning for science, math, social studies, language arts and more.


Earth is our home, and mother nature is the most beautiful creation of God. Every year on April 22, we celebrate Earth Day to show support for environmental protection and raise awareness about the climate crisis. The day also emphasises on the solutions through which we can save our planet.
On this special day Students of SATYAKAAM INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL participates every year in several competitions, debates, skit , planting drives and other activities in a bid to do something for our mother Earth.
Children along with their mentors perform wonderful job by planting and watering plants. This awareness should be incorporated within young minds at a very early stage.
The beauty of Earth lies in its simplicity and natural look…. Let us pledge to conserve its natural resources and protect it from degradation.

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