Indoor and outdoor games
School provides an accordant platform of infusing a spirit of sportsmanship in its pupils through various indoor and outdoor sports activities such as cricket, football, badminton, carom, chess, skating etc. The vivacious shooting range of school further embellishes the professional sports eminence of students. Availability of trained physical instructors and cutting-edge sports equipments in our physical fitness department further escalates the adrenaline of our star sportsmen.

Providing International Connect at Satyakaam
Our heritage and ideals - the things we live by and teach our children - are preserved by how freely we exchange ideas and feelings. Cultural exchange with other countries deepens mutual understanding and promotes friendship and goodwill. To nurture the same, the school organizes exchange programmes-the visit of a group of students from South Africa, being the first of its kind. Such visits give eager young minds opportunities to become socially conscious global citizens and develop deep lifetime connections with previously unknown people and places.

Edu Sport
“Sports do not build character, they reveal it”.
We at Satyakaam, not only believe in raising the future Einstiens but also little athletes too, as sports are important and is beneficial for both a child's mental and physical well -being. It helps a student to improve their academic performance too and teach them value of team work. Therefore, Satyakaam International School is the only school of Meerut to introduce Sports known as “Edusports” for its Kids and faculty to experience the structured sports and Physical Education Curriculum through India's No.1 Sports Organisation working with over 1200 schools across 200 locations and covering 7, 00,000 children.

Archery is the game that increases the inner strength and uplifts our consciousness. From the very beginning it has been a sport cherished by the Royal dynasties across the world. Therefore, to take forward this beloved sport, Satyakaam International School regularly organises archery classes and organises various contests to showcase their talents.

Various Contests like CBSE NORTH ZONE-I ARCHERY CHAMPIONSHIP - 2019, 8th Meerut District Archery Championship were organised. Recently a live interaction with Para Olympian Mr. Vivek Chikara to motivate our young buds. He started his journey from Satyakaam Archers Academy. Our pride knew no boundations when our bright students from Satyakaam grabbed bronze medal in the girl's team event of the 10th UP State Archery Competition at Renaissance School, Buland Shahar.