Class Boy Girl
Nur & KG Denim sky blue trousers
Yellow colour full sleeve
T-Shirt, Light yellow colour
socks, school yellow colour jacket,
light blue shoes & sky blue sweater
Denim sky blue trousers yellow full
sleeves T-Shirt, school belt,
light Yellow colour stockings
school jacket, light blue
shoes & sky blue sweater.
I to VIII Dark gray trousers, full
sleeves school shirt
navy blue colour socks
school belt and tie & black leather
shoes with laces, school
Blue colour blazer, blue colour pullover
Dark gray trousers,
full sleeves school shirt,
navy blue colour
socks, school belt and
.tie & black leather shoes with
strap, school blazer, pullover
IX to XI Dark gray trousers, School full
sleeves shirt blue sweater,
blue school blazer tie-belt, school socks
black leather shoes with laces
School suit, blue colour sweater
blue blazer,
blue school socks
white shoes

NOTE : Girls will use sky blue ribbon or hair bands on all weekdays and white ribbon on wednesday and Saturday. Sikh students are supposed to wear sky blue turbans on weekdays and white turban on Wednesday.
On WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY students will come in Track Suit according to their house, white shoes, socks, ribbons, hair bands, turbans with belt along with school jackets, pullovers and blazers.

Important Note :

  • The non Sikh boys will have a trim hair do. No elaborate hair do is allowed for girls Those with long hair should plait it with ribbons /hair bands.
  • Fancy wears like fist bands, sweat bands and sunglasses etc. fancy wrist watches are not allowed.
  • Parents are advised to purchase school uniform from authorized suppliers .This will help maintain uniformity in terms of patterns , texture and shade of the outfit.
  • Uniform code is compulsory on school days, during examination, in all school functions, school tours and parents teacher meeting.